Toss To Prosperity
A Chinese New Year Special

Whether it is with friends, family or colleagues, it is always a good idea to 'Lo Hei' this festive season.

Order your Yee Sang now and gather your troops for a toss to prosperity, longevity and good health.

Yee Sang sets are available for delivery/pick-up from now to 31 January 2023.

Gift of Fortune
A Chinese New Year Special

Spread joy and prosperity this festive season with gifts and well wishes of good health and good fortune.

Festive Cookies are available for
for delivery/pick-up from now to 31 January 2023.

Make Your Own Bento (MYOB)

Customise your own Bento Box based on what you like best! 

*Bento will be packed in a takeaway box. 


Delicious velvety cream cheese Korean Buns. 

Gift Vouchers

Purchase one or more gift vouchers for friends, family or even for yourself! Enjoy our exclusive deals with great savings when you purchase the Bulk Gift Vouchers.

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